The Year of Dominion

At Encounter Life Church, our motto is Loving God, Loving People. It is our mission to be a place where people are free to worship, inspired to praise, and changed by the power of God!

Upcoming Events

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Join us for the upcoming annual Mother's Day Tea! Celebrating Mothers, and All Women on May, 11th at 12 noon, at Encounter Life Church. Don't miss this dynamic celebration! Click below to learn more. 

Life Line


Life Line isn't a program or an event, it's a "Life" style! Life Line is the heart and desire of Pastor Joe & Lady Nicole to make an impact in the lives of people with the love of Christ. The greatest impact that Christ made in the lives of people was not in the Synagogue, it was in the every day affairs of people. In being like HIM, sometimes Life Line is done through organized ministry activities. Other times, it is by the leading of the Holy Spirit as we are going about our daily lives. Below are a few pics from some of our Life Line encounters.